Global Innovation Challenge (16-30 maart)

Join one of the world’s most unique business-related events for trainees!

The USA network VEI is happy to announce that registration for their Annual Global Innovation Challenge is currently open!

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Overview of the Competition:
The Global Innovation Challenge is one of the world’s most unique business-related events for trainees. Trainees representing different countries work in multinational teams to solve a pressing global issue using design thinking principles. In preparation for the Global Innovation Challenge, multinational teams of trainees will meet and collaborate online during February, March, and April. Trainees will work with mentors who will coach them on strategies to address the problem and develop a slide show, which will be presented to judges at the final event in April 2022.

You and your team have been challenged to develop solutions for communities to combat climate change. You are tasked with using the design thinking process to identify problems communities face in combating climate change and providing solutions that not only help communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also have “co-benefits” that contribute to a better, more equitable world, that also support their prosperity financially and socially.

You will be tasked with:

  1. identifying 1-3 common problems your communities face in combating climate change (ex. Why is it hard/what decisions are difficult to support efforts that reduce greenhouse gas emissions)
  2. finding a solution to these problems that incorporates the challenge criteria
  3. developing a hypothesis statement and experiment to test to see if your solution would work.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email the Challenge coordinator, Ms. Amina Music: amusic(at)

2022 Global Innovation Challenge Application